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Legislative Days 26-28 (of 40)

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Legislative Days 26-28 (of 40)

Legislative Days 26-28 (of 40)

Legislative Report



PA ratio bill advances

Bill related to death certificates passes


Last week, legislators worked in session Monday, Tuesday, and late into the night on Thursday.  The week, because of crossover day,  was marked with the usual flurry of activity getting bills advanced from one chamber to the other.  This week, we will be in session Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Wednesday will be a designated committee day, so there will be no rest for the weary!   As we have turned the page to March, the final day of session is in sight, March the 28th!


This week, legislators and candidates who seek office will come to the Capitol to ‘qualify’ or sign up to run.  As such, we saw a few announcements over the last week or so regarding current legislators intentions to retire.  We expect more announcements this week.

Retiring Legislators

  1. Senator and Minority Leader, Gloria Butler (D-Stone Mountain)
  2. Representative Penny Houston (R-Nashville, Chairman Economic Devp Subcommittee of Appropriations
  3. Representative J. Collins (R-Villa Rica, Public Safety and Homeland Security Chairman)
  4. Representative Jodi Lott (R-Evans)
  5. Senator Valencia Seay (D-Riverdale)

PA Specific Legislation

HB 1046, originally allowing PAs and APRNs to write orders for home health as well as sign death certificates, passed committee and the full House.  The compromise bill took out the references to home health but retained the language affording APPs the ability to sign death certificates.  The new bill will require one hour of continuing education biennially.  We appreciate the Health committee, the Rules Committee, and the full House of Representatives for advancing the bill.  This bill will now be considered by the Senate.

SB 460 which allows a physician to enter into an agreement with a total of 8 PAs or APRNs regardless of type passed the Senate.  Language related to CRNAs was added to the bill on the floor of  the Senate.  The bill will now be considered by the House.


This week, legislators passed the Conference Committee Report on the Amended SFY2024 budget.

The House publishes a fantastic overview of the budget which can be found here.

Notably, the budget included:

1.  $275,000 to upgrade licensure application software and fully digitize the application process at the Composite Medical Board.

2.  Language that stipulates that The Georgia Board of Health Care Workforce shall collaborate with state licensing boards to provide and receive healthcare workforce data as needed.

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