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GAPA Award Recepients

Circle of Honor

To be eligible candidates should possess, but not be limited to, the following characteristics:

  • Demonstrated a proven and established record of involvement/achievement in the GAPA organization.
  • Assisted in facilitating change in the way GAPA operates so that it better achieves its goals.
  • Should be a pioneer in the GAPA organization, being recognized for a lifetime of achievement which has been sustained over time.
  • Making a profound difference in improving service to the public (i.e. Community service).
  • Leadership in serving as a role model/mentor to PA students and rising leaders in GAPA.
  • Has been a loyal and devoted supporter of GAPA.
  • Has represented GAPA in a positive manner both as an active member as well as an alumnus.

2018 Michael Ann Booth, MMSc, PA-C
2015 Allan Platt, PA-C, MMSc
2014 Virginia Joslin, PA-C, MPH
2012 Hank Heard, PA-C
2011 Randy Bundschu, PA-C                                                          2010 Jim Gordon, PA-C, MPAS
2009 Kathy Kemle, PA-C, MS
2008 Marshall Sinback, PA-C
2007 Alan Sams, PA-C

Distinguished Service

This award honors a physician assistant who has given time and effort in an exemplary manner to further the efforts of GAPA in either a committee, elected or appointed office, or other area of GAPA’s endeavors. Must be a current member of GAPA.

2023 Sheila Humberstone, MP
2022 Beretta Craft-Coffman, PA-C
2021 Amy Reeves, PA-C
2020 Mary Vacala, ATC, PA-C, MSPAS, DFAAPA
2018 Bonnie Dadig, EdD, PA-C
2015 Dan Vacala, PA-C
2014 Jim Gordon, MPAS, PA-C
2013 Charmaine Faucher, PA-C
2013 Sheri Chazen, PA-C
2013 Terry Mize, PA-C
2013 Tome Wime, PA-C
2013 Lauren Wieme, PA-C
2012 Ben Taylor, PhD, PA-C
2012 Christy Wilson, PA-C  2011 Barbara Burk, PA-C
2010 Susan Bose Stempek, MMSc, PA-C
2009 Jeff Chambers, PA-C, ATC
LaSharn Hughes
2009 Coe McGrath, PA-C
2008 Devon Jackoniski, PA-C
2007 Jerry Griffith, PA-C
2007 David Rios, PA-C
2007  Stephen Stocking, PA-C
2006 Mike Tremmel, PA-C
2006 Jean Larson, PA-C
2005 Tina Hood, PA-C, MPAS
2004 Lori Gaylor, PA-C, MPAS, DFAAPA
2003 Carolanne Redfearn, PA-C
2002 Jimmy Sellers, PA-C
2001 Tim King, PA-C


Georgia PA of the Year Award Winners

This award honors a physician assistant who has demonstrated exemplary service to the PA profession in Georgia, and the community and has furthered the image of physician assistants. This PA has also demonstrated exemplary service to GAPA. The PA of the Year has shown leadership and been a mentor to others in the state. Must be a current member of the GAPA.

2023 Haley Queen, PA-C                                            2022 Michael Martinelli, MHS, PA-C
2021 Negin Bauer, PA-C
2020 Amy Reeves, PA-C
2019 Beckie S. Hayes, MSPAS, PA-C
2018 Scott Bowling, NR-P, PA-C
2015 Mary Vacala, ATC, PA-C, MSPAS, DFAAPA
2014 Christy Wilson, MS, PA-C
2013 Kathy Kemle, MS, PA-C, DFAAPA
2012 Paul Taylor, PA-C
2011 Darrell Nesbit, PA-C
2010 Ben Taylor, PA-C, PhD.
2009 Carolanne Redfearn, PA-C
2008 Darrel Clabaugh, MHS, PA-C
2007 Peter Hairston, PA-C
2006 Jim Gordon, MPAS, PA-C

2005 Jeff Chambers, PA-C
2004 Barry Linehan, PA-C
2003 Greg Dodson, PA-C
2002 Tim King, PA-C
2001 Tom Kraemer, PA-C
1999 David Brown, PA-C
1998 Michael Ann Booth, MMSc, PA-C
1997 Marc Maslanka, PA, MPH
1996 Virginia Joslin, MPH, PA-C
1995 Tammy Webb, PA-C
1994 Nancy McKemie, PA-C
1993 Ray Ball, PA-C
1992 Randy Bundschu, Jr., PA-C
1991 Jan Simmons, PA-C
1990 Scott Brennan, PA-C

Humanitarian of the Year

This award honors a physician assistant who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to human rights and exemplifies the PA profession’s philosophy of providing accessible and quality health care in locations within Georgia. This award will be based on activities that take place outside of the context of their primary employment. Must be a current member of GAPA.

2023 Malatrice  Montgomery, PA-C                                              2022 Natalie Moseley, PA-C, SAFE
2021 Andrew Theus, PA-C
2020 Erin Lepp, PA-C
2016 Jill Mattingly, DHSc, PA-C
2015 Jill Mattingly, PA-C
2014 Erin Lepp, PA, MMSc
2013 Melissa Bailey, PA-C
2012 Jeri Sumitani PA-C, MMSc
2011 Tammy Webb, PA-C
2010 Jeff Chambers, PA-C, ATC
2009 Terry Mize, PA-C, MMSc
2008 Scott Dickerson, PA-C
2007 Tom Himelick, MMSc, PA-C
2006 Virgina Joslin, MPH, PA-C
2005 Douglas DiRuggiero, PA-C
2004 Mary Vacala, PA-C, DFAAPA, ATC
2003 Allan Platt, PA-C

PA / Partnership Award

This award is designed to honor a physician-PA team that exemplifies the unique relationship of trust, collegiality, and mutual respect that is essential to the PA profession. This physician-PA team displays evidence of collaboration that allows the both the PA and the physician to provide greater medical service to their patients and their community than either one would be able to do working alone. PA must be a current GAPA member.

2023 Amanda Martin, PA-C, MMS & Jonathan Woody, M.D.    2022 Betsy Grunch, MD & Erica Abney, PA-C
2021 Dr. Brian Gretta, MD & Allyson Michelle, PA-C
2020 Joseph K. Williams, MD & Stefanie E. Hush, PA-C
2019 Lori Gaylor, PA-C / Jim Holtzclaw, MD
2018 Norman Gibby, PA-C / Vijay Patel, MD
2017 Chad Case, MD / Meghan Kirkland, PA-C
2016 Matthew Crawford, PA-C / Michael Poole, MD
2015 Ryan Messick, PA-C / Steven Oweida, MD
2014 Michael Sharkey, MD / Christi Gibson, PA-C
2013 Terry Mize, PA-C & Joanne Williams, MD
2012 Ormonde Mahoney, MD
2012 Butch Dent, PA-C
2011 Gary A. Levengood, MD/ Diana K. Dean, PA-C
2010 Lyle Myers, PA-C / David Palmer, MD
2009 Spencer Wheeler, MD/ Dan Vacala, PA-C, AT-C
2008 Mike Tremmel, PA-C, MA, BS/James Malcom, MD
2007 Julie Puder, PA-C & Alvin Wilson, DO
2007 Jean Larson, PA-C & Scott McGee, MD
2006 Kelly Ward, PA-C, ATC / Fred Reifsteck, MD
2005 Ray Polk, PA-C / Rick Wherry, MD
2004 Kerry Dinkins, PA-C / Mark Hudson, DO
2003 Ray Polk, PA-C / Rick Wherry, MD
2002 Francis Wisham, PA-C / James Scott, MD

Physician of the Year

This award is presented to a physician who has provided exemplary service to the PAs in Georgia either as mentor, preceptor, and teacher or in other ways has furthered or facilitated the practice of PAs in Georgia.

2023 Heywood Kyle Gay, M.D.                                                        2022 Bernardino Villescas Jr., M.D.
2021 Lafeyette Burks, MD
2020 Damian Bedoya, MD
2019 Michael Pruitt, DO
2019 Lisa Dickerson, MD
2018 Coy Lassiter, MD
2015 Jonathan Williams, DO
2014 Douglas Ander, MD
2013 Hany Atallah, MD, FACEP
2012 Murphy Townsend, MD
2011 John Hungerpiller, MD
2010 John Northup, MD
2009 Jean Sumner, MD
2008 Theresa Berry, MD, M.Ed
2007 Douglas Ander, MD
2006 Gary Kempler, MD
2005 Katherine Heilpern, MD
2004 Tom Price, MD
2003 Leon Haley, Jr., MD
2002 James Hotz, MD

Rural PA of the Year

This award honors a physician assistant who has provided accessible, quality health care in a rural community of the United States. Rural is defined as a community of fewer than 10,000 people. Must be a current member of the GAPA.

2023 Ben Taylor, PhD, PA-C, DFAAPA                                            2022 Kara Whyte, PA-C
2021 Heather Moss, PA-C
2020 Willie Booker, PA-C
2019 Erik Little, PA-C
2017 Tina Hood, PA-C
2016 Jeff Chambers, PA-C, ATC
2015 Treasure Pope, PA-C
2013 Suzi Eaton, PA-C
2012 Bryan Shiver, PA-C
2011 Lesley Maples, MSPAS, PA-C
2009 Mary Alice Phillips, PA-C
2008 Rooster Cogburn, PA-C
2007 Todd Hatcher, PA-C
2006 Tim Fowler, PA-C
2005 Bob Perry, PA-C
2004 Tom Himelick, MMSc, PA-C
2002 James Womack, PA-C

Faculty of the Year

This award honors an extraordinary Georgia PA Program faculty member who supports the mission of GAPA and is committed to teaching and learning, student success, professional development, leadership, and community service. This award recipient must be a GAPA member.

2023 Shannon L. Jackson, MSPAS, PA-C                                      2022 Sara Hofstra, MMSc, PA-C
2021 Alexander Kendall, MS, PA-C
2019 Jonie D. Fawley, PA-C, MPAS