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Legislative Days 19-22 (of 40)

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Legislative Days 19-22 (of 40)

Legislative Days 19-22 (of 40)

New Rules Chairman
Former Representative,  Tim Bearden wins open Senate Seat
Legislative Elections
Last week legislators worked in session Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  This week, they will be in session Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for legislative days 23 -25.  Crossover day, the last day for all bills to pass out of at least one chamber in order to be viable as stand alone bills is Thursday, February 29th, 2024. (Yes, you read that correctly, it’s leap year!)
Rules Chairman
Representative Butch Parrish (R-Swainsboro) was selected to be the House Rules Chairman.  This is the committee that determines what bills are voted on by the whole House as well as their amendability on the floor and any related limitations on floor debate.  Chairman Parrish is serving his 20th, 2-year term in the House.  We are incredibly excited to work with him in his new role!  For additional information on Chairman Parrish see his legis Bio.
Former Representative Tim Bearden was elected to the Senate this week, filling the vacancy that was created when former Representative Mike Dugan resigned to focus on his campaign for congress.  The election to replace Barry Fleming, who resigned when he was appointed to be a judge, is headed to a runoff.
Moving Bills
HB 745 requires hospitals to adopt and implement a nurse staffing plan with reporting requirements to the Department of Community Health.  This bill passed committee.
HB76 would limit copays for insulin under the state employees insurance plan.
HB11037 creates a Commission on Maternal and Infant Care.  This bill passed the full House.
HB1081 requires insurers and the Medicaid program to cover biometric screening for preeclampsia for pregnant women. This bill passed committee.
HB 1204 requires insurers to cover expenses for standard fertility preservation treatments when cancer, sickle cell, or lupus may cause infertility.  This bill passed committee.
New Bills
HB1302: This bill requires maternal mental health screenings for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders for medicaid recipients.  Additionally, it requires MDs, PAs, APRNs, etc to provide education to all postpartum women on the signs and symptoms of postpartum mood and anxiety disorders.

HB1306: This bill requires prescribers of opioids to provide patients with additional information regarding the risks of opioids as well as alternative treatment options including the risks/ benefits.

SB519: This bill tweaks the law that passed last year regarding transgender care which prohibits certain procedures and medications for minors.
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