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Legislative Report


Legislative Report

Legislative Report

Appropriations Committees met
House Committee Assignments unveiled
Governor Announces Floor Leaders
This week, members of the House and Senate Appropriations Committees met to hear about the state of Georgia’s economy, the economic forecast, the state’s liabilities, and the state agency heads regarding their proposed budgets.  Next week, the Department of Community Health is scheduled to present their budget to the Subcommittee.
The House released their committee assignments for the 2023-2024 term.
Notably, there appears to be a significant focus on healthcare with the creation of a new committee, Public Health, as well as a new Special Committee on Healthcare.  There was also some shuffling of chairmanships for other committees.  Notable assignments include:
  • Health Appropriations (formerly Representative  Parrish), Rep Darlene Taylor
  • Health (formerly Representative  Cooper), Representative  Lee Hawkins
  • Public Health (new), Representative  Sharon Cooper
  • Special Committee on Healthcare (new): Representative  Butch Parrish
  • Judiciary (formerly Representative and now Majority Leader Efstration): Representative  Stan Gunter
For a full listing of committee assignments, please see:
On Thursday, the Governor unveiled his Floor Leaders, legislators who will manage his legislative agenda in their respective chambers.
  • Senator Bo Hatchett (R-50)
  • Senator Mike Hodges (R-3)
  • Representative Lauren McDonald (R-26)
  • Representative  Soo Hong (R-103)
  • Representative  Will Wade (R-9)
  • Representative  Matthew Gambill (R-15)
Legislators return to action on Monday, January 23, for the 5th legislative day (of 40).
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