Georgia Association of Physician Assistants

GAPA PAs at Capital Hill


GAPA PAs at Capital Hill

Usually you hear me talk about PA issues on the state level but I had the privilege to represent GAPA, alongside our president Skyler, at the AAPA Leadership Advocacy Summit in Washington DC.   We heard from so many wonderful speakers about the future of the PA profession. 
One of the bills we advocated for was “Improving Access to Workers’ Compensation for Injured Federal Workers Act” (HR 6087). In short, PAs can be a primary care provider for federal workers but not allowed to care for them while they are using FECA coverage. 
The other bill we advocated for was “Access to Quality Cardiac Rehabilitation Care Act” (HR 1956/S1986) which is slated to take effect in 2024 but we were asking to start earlier. 
Both the bills seemed to be favored by both the Senate and House members and we will see how things end up. 
The biggest takeaway is become a member of your state organization, AAPA, and donate to PAC (political action committee). If you are already doing these things, we thank you. 
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